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About Us

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for healthy, versatile and sustainable protein. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts helps fulfill that demand.

As a leading sheller, Golden is about more than sourcing peanuts and tree nuts. We’re about cultivating relationships – on farms, in manufacturing plants and at dinner tables around the world.

By working with people in multiple regions, Golden learns what works – and makes it better. We share what we know so that people become better at growing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, investing and inventing.

Golden consults at all levels of the industry. As a global actor and thinker, we help turn peanuts and tree nuts into valuable knowledge, useful ingredients and business revenue as quickly as possible. We are more than a handshake or a promise. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland, Golden provides its customers greater access to research, market knowledge and more.

And just as we have influenced the peanut industry with world-class practices, Golden is making an impact on tree nuts. We are taking our trusted methods of making the peanut supply chain efficient, safe and secure to tree nut markets around the world.

Because we participate, observe and advise all parts of the supply chain, Golden delivers credible information to the industries we serve. Businesses turn to us for expertise on operations, applications, food safety and innovation.

Because people expect more of us, we deliver more. Our relationships are enduring, our expertise is trusted and our presence is inspiring. At Golden, we grow success the best way we know how: from the ground up.

about careers


For nearly three decades, Golden has been a leader in the peanut industry, delivering quality nuts from farms to families. With more than a thousand employees in three countries, Golden offers many diverse and exciting opportunities, and we’re always looking for new talent to add to our team.

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(ADM is an equal opportunity employer for minorities, females, protected veterans and individuals with a disability.)

about benefits


At Golden, we attract the best talent in the industry by being an industry leader, and by providing our employees with great benefits. Golden offers a complete benefit package, including 401K/ESOP, pension, health, life, vision and dental insurance.