Peanut Extract

Peanut Extract

Golden’s Gold Nut 20 peanut extract is a 100 percent dark roasted peanut oil that captures the intense flavor of roasted peanuts and imparts a rich amber color. The peanut oil is removed through an all-natural, solvent-free pressing process resulting in an extract that is predominantly monounsaturated fatty acids and has 0g trans-fat per serving. For optimal quality and stability in delivering roasted peanut flavor, only U.S. high-oleic peanuts are used.
Peanut Extract
Gold Nut 20 peanut extract provides robust peanut flavor with clean label appeal because it is non-GMO, inherently gluten-free and free of preservatives and additives. Due to the intense roasted peanut flavor and aroma, peanut extract can be used at very low usage rates. Typical usage rates range from 2-4 percent, making peanut extract an ideal ingredient for a variety of products.
Features Benefits
All-natural Low usage rate
Non-GMO Pleasant roasted peanut sensory attributes
Inherently gluten-free Imparts a rich amber color
100 percent peanut oil Offers extended shelf life
Plant-based Free of preservatives or additives
0g trans fat per serving Predominately monounsaturated fatty acids
Kosher OU certified Heart healthy oil
Halal ISA certified Source of Vitamin E


  • Aromatic agent
  • Compounded peanut flavors
  • Peanut flavor enhancer
  • Sauces
  • Dressings
  • Frozen dairy desserts